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If you want to be the best you can be, it helps to train with the best.  Chris Herren Jr., trains with Corey Wright Jr and now you can too.

Whether you just want to get better for your local team or you have a vision of D1, hands down the Elite Skill Club of New England is the place to be!  Quite frankly, our founders are top notch athletes and trainers who were all D1 athletes in basketball and track. 


Elite Skills Club of New England Camps, CLINICS & Leagues provide intense focus on:

All of this and more…


Elite Skills Club of New England

We deliver  Intensive skills workouts going over all elements of basketball instruction and foundational techniques including: dribbling, ball handling, shooting, passing and more.  Work up a sweat, burn off the calories but most importantly go beyond good, past great and get to Elite!

important things

Campers should bring their own lunch. Lunch may be purchased for $10 per day

  • All Campers must bring their own basketball. We recommend basketballs like Wilson Evolution
  • The Elite Skills Club of New England performs deep cleaning before and after ever session. It is the reason why there is an hour block between offerings.
  • Trainers and founders of The Elite Skills Club of New England have all been Covid tested and maintain testing every two weeks.
  • All Campers must be tested before they enter the facility
  • All Campers and parents must sign a COVID contact
  • Due to Covid, we ask parents not to congregate and stay for safety. If a parent must stay, they
  • should do so for a max of 40 minutes. Parents of the same family should come in one at a time.
  • All Players are required to bring a mask
  • All Parents are required to be wearing a mask
  • Only One Parent Should Pick Up.
  • The age group and intensity is listed within the class schedule


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