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The health of our athletes, coaches and trainers is of paramount concern.  The Elite Skills Club of New England follows protocols in response to the coronavirus outbreak.   

We are easily able to maintain protocols within our facility due to a great size that is slightly shy of 5,000 sq ft. 

Please read the Athlete requirements below intended to keep all safe and comply with guidelines as set.


Last Updated November 2020

Athlete requirements

  • Athletes must wear their masks over their nose at all times.
  • Athletes must wear their mask over their nose on the bench during games
  • All spectators must wear a mask over their nose at all times
  • All coaches must wear a mask over their nose at all times
  • In order to control capacity, only 24 players are allowed per group session.
  • We will only allow 6 players in the strength and conditioning area at the same time until further notice.
  • All athletes, spectators, coaches, trainers may have their temperature checked upon entrance to the facility. Anyone with a temperature reading 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to train or enter.
  • Athletes will be allowed into the building 15 minutes before their scheduled start.
  • Entrance to The Elite Skills Club facility should be through the Northeast door closest to the incoming road on the side of the building. Exit should be on the Northwest door on the opposite side of this door to maintain a one way flow of traffic. 
  • Spectators must socially distance from one another at all times while inside the facility.
  • All athletes, spectators and parents must leave the facility immediately after their training.
  • Players should bring their own hydration in container clearly marked with their name. A contactless vending drink machine is also available.

What else is The Elite Skills Club of New England doing?

In cooperation with local Boards of Health:

  • In an effort to be proactive, increasing the rigor of cleaning and sanitizing regimes
  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in changing rooms and public areas
  • Advising even mildly ill employees to stay home


  • All “high touch” areas/surfaces need to be cleaned at the end of every day at a minimum. Management/Ownership prefers that they are cleaned twice a shift.
  • “High Touch” areas include door knobs, handles and push plates/bars and Light switches
  • Faucet handles and drinking fountain buttons
  • Bathroom fixtures (stall doors/handles, TP & PT dispensers, flush buttons and handles)
  • Trash can lids
  • Employee “High Touch” areas
  • Equipment handles (brooms, mops, etc.)
  • Car steering wheel and buttons and levers
  • Trash cart and janitor cart handles

CDC signage detailing proper hand washing and hygiene procedures installed throughout the gym.

  • Signage indicating location of hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Increased cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures with a ULV Fogger  and CDC and EPA approved COVID-19 disinfectant.
    We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate updates accordingly.

As always, feel free to contact us at info@eliteskillsclub.com.

We will get back with you as soon as possible.

Stay safe and please follow health guidelines! We appreciate your support!

Thank You, The Elite Skills Club of New England

Camp Schedules below


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Post Thanksgiving day workouts


important things

  • All Campers must bring their own basketball. We recommend basketballs like Wilson Evolution
  • The Elite Skills Club of New England performs deep cleaning before and after ever session with a ULV Fogger with CDC and EPA approved disinfectant. It is the reason why there is an hour block between sessions.
  • Trainers and founders of The Elite Skills Club of New England have all been COVID-19 tested and maintain testing every two weeks.
  • All Campers must have their temperature checked upon entering the facility.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed to stay.
  • All Campers and parents must sign a COVID-19 contact sheet.
  • Due to COVID-19, we ask parents not to congregate and stay for safety. If a parent must stay, they
  • should do so for a max of 40 minutes. Parents of the same family should come in one at a time.
  • All Players are required to bring and wear a mask over the nose.
  • All Parents are required to be wearing a mask
  • Only One Parent Should Pick Up.
  • The age group and intensity is listed within the class schedule

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