Our Team Bringing You The Elite Skills Club of New England

Corey Wright Jr.
Founder, Operations & Training Experience


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I. Lanre Ajakaiye
Founder, Brand Architect & Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Sponsorship


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Sharod Beach
Founder, Vendor Management & Customer Experience


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Welcome to The Elite Skills Club of New England

What happens when you take three former, D1 athletes across Basketball and Track & Field with some turned business men and corporate, others achieving the highest level of basketball coaching, training and expertise but all wanting to help youth and athletes get to the next and elite level?   Well, you get the Elite Skills Club of New England. 

The Elite Skills Club of New England is a product of Corey Wright Jr, Lanre Ajakaiye and Sharod Beach and it brings Rhode Island’s first facility of its kind by people who have the credentials.  The Elite Skills Club of New England will be dedicated to working with student athletes across all levels and stages.  However, our dedication goes beyond the athletes themselves

The Elite Skills facility offers enhancement from respected, skill development trainer, Corey Wright jr and other lead trainers.   Corey Wright Jr, Lanre Ajakaiye and Sharod Beach, the founders of Elite Skills Club of New England, have all been D1 in the sports of Basketball and Track & Field between them leading winning state championship teams across AAU, High school and Travel with honors as hall of fame inductions as 2020.  They have assisted athletes of all ages and development levels  on how to get to the next level!  Corey Wright jr. was the coach of Terrance Clark, the #1 prospect in the nation from Massachusetts, who received a D1 offer to the University of Kentucky.  

The Elite Skills Club of New England are some of the best in the industry. is a modern and newly completed facility dedicated to athletes and their parents who want to achieve their peak performance.  The proof is in the results. Corey Wright Jr. has worked with NBA, College, Elite AAU, Highschool and youth talent across New England.  

elite skills club facility

Why Choose Us?

The Elite Skills Club of New England is where you and your athlete need to train to get to the next level.  The founders have done it and come with a team of trainers who can get you there.  It is difficult to get to the top if you have never been there and don’t know the path, the drills, the training, the regimen.  Our skills, training and classes have a holistic focus designed to yield more intelligent, student athletes and parents. Yes, parents are a focal point.  We have classes to help you understand and ask questions to understand the process. 

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Discipline 98%
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